The margin management tutorial introduces the basics of margin management and modeling forward profitability. You will learn how a tool can be built to sort input costs and revenues by production periods so that forward profit margin opportunities can be isolated and analyzed. From there, you will discover how forward margins can be effectively managed using a variety of different contracting alternatives through the cash market and exchange-traded derivatives.

The agricultural options tutorial describes the features of these flexible contracts and how they function. You will learn how options are priced and what determines the premium of the option contract as well as strategy applications for various market participants. The mechanics of what happens to options upon expiration is also discussed as well as how traders would go about offsetting an options position.

The agricultural futures tutorial provides an overview of the futures market, describing the relationship between cash prices and futures prices, who the market participants are, the mechanics of how contracts trade, some basic strategies used by various traders in the market. This tutorial also describes how traders analyze the market through both fundamental and technical approaches which help to guide the various strategies they select and orders they place.