Mandatory Price Reporting: Make it Essential

“The risk of a government shutdown not only threatens the availability of important market data, but also could endanger the viability of an important risk management tool to protect hog farmers. “… Read more.

Find out about factors affecting margins and strategies you can use to take advantage of current opportunities in the market.

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  • Jul 2018 – Comparing Cash Contracts


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  • Jun 2018 – A Quick Look into NASS Surveys and Forecasting


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  • Mar 2018 – Understanding the CFTC COT Report


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  • Feb 2018: Managing Grain and Oilseed Strength


    Despite expectations for limited movement in the grain and oilseed markets following large U.S. harvests last fall, winter weather in Argentina has negatively impacted crop… Read more »

  • Jan 2018: Make the Most of Strong Margins


    While the primary goal of margin management is to reduce the risk of loss, the same types of strategies are also valuable when margins are… Read more »

  • Dec 2017: Keep Your Balance Sheet Strong


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  • Nov 2017: Strategies for Low-Margin Environments


    Although it is easier to strategize about protecting profitability when margins are good, a sound risk management plan applies to all environments, and is even… Read more »

  • Oct 2017: Today’s Opportunities: Low-Cost Feed Protection


    As both corn futures prices and corn option implied volatility hover near historical lows, livestock producers may want to consider securing low-cost protection now for… Read more »

  • Sept 2017: Account for the Impact of Milk Check Deductions


    While no one likes a smaller milk check, dairy risk managers who want to protect their profitability will need to account for mandatory deductions in… Read more »

  • August 2017: Managing Uncertainty in Forward Hog Margins


    While many hog producers are celebrating the prospect of additional slaughter capacity, they may also have concerns the impact on hog margins from three new… Read more »

  • Keys to a Successful Advisor Relationship


    A good risk management advisor can be a valuable asset for agriculture producers, especially during volatile markets. But who you work with – and how… Read more »

  • The Limitations of Seasonality Data


    While seasonality considerations can be an important part of a thoughtful margin management policy, the value of seasonality data has it limits and producers should… Read more »

  • Optimize Your Capital


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  • Managing Counterparty Risk


    When Grassland Dairy Products cancelled contracts with several producers in Wisconsin, it forced those producers to scramble for a replacement processor. Fortunately, it appears that… Read more »

  • Hedging vs. Speculating


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  • Give Your Lender More Confidence in Your Future


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  • Are You Asking the Right Margin Management Questions?


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  • Avoid Local (and Other) Bias


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  • Managing Risk When Margins are Low – or Negative


    You may think that the goal of margin management is to capture and protect favorable margins. And you would be right – but only to… Read more »

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