Short Put


Sell a Put Option

Margin Requirement

Yes, must post variable margin similar to futures in a falling market


  • Lowers buying price in stable market
  • Some upside protection
  • Flexible, offset at any time


  • Can’t benefit from lower futures price
  • Upside protection limited to premium sold
  • Offsetting before expiration will change the cost & P/L (potential increased cost to buy back in a falling market)
  • Capital expense of potential margin exposure

When to Apply

  • In a stable market environment or when risk to both higher and lower prices perceived to be limited
  • If strike price of short put option represents a target purchase price that fits into budget or operating margin
  • In a high implied volatility environment historically and/or seasonally

Potential Adjustment

  • In a rising market, buy back put option to capture decay in premium, and/or roll up short put option to generate additional credit
  • In a falling market, roll down put option to lower strike price to extend range of opportunity to benefit from falling prices